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This digital safety curriculum developed by the team at Trollbusters and the Media Innovation Collaboratory moves teens from users to creators, defining the digital landscape and its uses and harms. Through 12 educational posters and short video explainers, we empower young people to engage in digital spaces on their terms. If you are interested in a workshop for the young people in your lives, contact us at for more information.

[1]: How the Internet Works

[2]: Your Digital Footprint

[3]: Your Digital Identity

[4]: Lifestreaming - Teen/Influencer Culture

[5]: Surveillance/Big Brother

[6]: Digital Harm & Your Devices

[7]: Connection on the Web

[8]: Situational Awareness

[9]: Anonymity, Identity, Authenticity

[10]: Check Your Sources

[11]: Measuring Success on the Web

[12]: A Culture of Digital Safety