Rural Digital Youth Resiliency Project

Investigative reporting and research advancing public understanding of the unique risks that America’s rural youth face online.


Three friends, Cabell County, West Virginia. Photo by Dennis Savage 2015, Looking at Appalachia

Cultural Dispatch

Generation Zeitgeist - The View From Here

This monthly newsletter features cultural analyses and insight into the inner lives of Zoomers online with a twist — directly from Zoomers. From memes, music and fashion to the fears, politics, tech and trends influencing their (make that our) spaces. Yes, there are bad things on the internet – we know. We also know our way around. Sign up for a candid look at who we are and where we are online, written and produced by rural members of Generation Z.

RDYR supports and collaborates with the Coalition Against Online Violence, a collection of global organizations working to find better solutions for women journalists facing online abuse, harassment and other forms of digital attack. Head to their website to learn more and view the program’s step-by-step guides and key resources, and check out RDYR's Digital Security and Online Safety resources tailored for youth, teens and caregivers.

RDYR is proud to collaborate with TrollBusters on Digital Security training for children and teens. This one-of-kind training for youth, parents and caregivers empowers young people to navigate their own risks in a surveilled world, recognize who is most vulnerable, learn how to minimize harm to themselves and peers.